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Coffee set in MURANO Coffee set in MURANO
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Coffee set in MURANO

€1,150.00 Price

Coffee set in MURANO GLASS, decorated in gold and finished in porcelain, first third of the TWENTIETH Century.

Perfect state of conservation.

Figure Figure
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€240.30 Price

Figure of late-NINETEENTH-century, Murano glass, hand-carved on pedestals of bronze. Good condition. Measures: 13 cm high x 7 cm diameter.

Lamp Lamp
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€155.75 Price

Table lamp in bronze and venetian glass.

Measures : 36 cm high x 12 cm base.

Glass vase
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Glass vase

€378.25 Price

Vase of bohemian crystal hand-carved and finished in silver.

Measures: 27 cm high x 12 cm diameter.

Couple of Birds Couple of Birds
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Couple of Birds

€1,379.50 Price

Couple of birds in Murano glass made with gold of 24 KTS. The first third of the century. Measures: 48 cm high x 15 cm base.

Pendant of a crucifix with...
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Pendant of a crucifix...

€195.80 Price

Pendant of a crucifix with Swarovski crystals and stones from the volcano Vesuvius. With a chain of sterling silver.

Measures crucifix: 5cm.

Measurements of chain: 50cm.

Glass vase Bohemian
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Glass vase Bohemian

€333.75 Price

Vase carved Bohemian crystal hand. Originally from Czechoslovakia, and in perfect condition.

Measurements: 20 cm high and 13 in diameter.