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Crucifix Crucifix
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Crucifix very old alpaca from princiios of the TWENTIETH century. Measures: 37 cm high x 17.

Wooden crucifix polychromatic Wooden crucifix polychromatic
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Wooden crucifix...

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Wooden crucifix polychromatic hand-carved from the late EIGHTEENTH century or early NINETEENTH. In good condition, with defects due to age. A native of Spain.

Measures: 60cm high 19cm base.

Wood carving polychrome... Wood carving polychrome...
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Wood carving...

€1,694.00 Price

Impressive wood carving polychrome statue of the crucified Christ of the SEVENTEENTH Century.

Good state of conservation with shortcomings of its antiquity, although we do not recommend restoration.

Spanish baroque.

R-51 the Christ of the... R-51 the Christ of the...
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R-51 the Christ of the...

€1,750.00 Price

Christ, XVII Century polychrome wooden carved by hand. It has been restored.

Very well preserved with slight defects typical of its age.

The framework is not of time.

Origin: Spain.

Spanish baroque.

Measures: 63 cms height 49 cms width.