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Brooch shell Brooch shell
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Brooch shell

€511.75 Price

Brooch (cameo) originating from Naples in the late NINETEENTH century or early TWENTIETH century. Gold plated.

Silver bracelet Silver bracelet
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Silver bracelet

€380.00 Price

Silver bracelet Spanish of the early years of the TWENTIETH Century.

The bracelet will made with legal tender coins of King Alfonso XIII cut from its interior being visible only the coats of arms of Spain. It also carries a legal tender coin of 5 pesetas issue of 1898.

Measures: 19 cms long and 2 cms in width.

Pen Pen
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€436.10 Price

Pen with silver ink well and glass carving of the early TWENTIETH century. Measures: 21 cm pen and ink 7 cm

Mirror Mirror
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€244.75 Price

Mirror with embossed lady's silver of the early TWENTIETH century.

Measures: 6 cm in diameter.

Pipe bone Pipe bone
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Pipe bone

€1,290.50 Price

Pipe of carved bone and with finishes in silver, signed by the author. Piece collection of japanese origin from the year 1850.

Measurements: 55cm long by 3cm in diameter.

Couple of cameos Couple of cameos
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Couple of cameos

€1,112.50 Price

Couple of cameos original Camei (Sea Shells). Pendant and brooch. Mounted in silver and silver plated in gold. From the early TWENTIETH century.

Cameo Cameo
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€280.00 Price

Cameo shell original silver mid-NINETEENTH century. Mounted in perfect condition.

R-42 Cameo R-42 Cameo
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R-42 Cameo

€450.00 Price

Cameo (shell) in the form of a pendant, mounted in sterling silver and garnets Czech.

Measures: 5 cms long by 3.5 cms wide.

R-21 Bracelet Spanish R-21 Bracelet Spanish
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R-21 Bracelet Spanish

€450.00 Price

Bracelet Spanish decorated with the coats of arms of Spain in sterling silver and with a legal tender coin of the King Alfonso XIII.

Piece of the early TWENTIETH Century.

Measures: 20 cms long by 4 cms wide.

R-43 Cameo R-43 Cameo
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R-43 Cameo

€400.00 Price

Cameo (shell) mounted in silver and garnets, is brooch and pendant.

Measures: 4 cms long by 3.5 cms wide.