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R-39-Figure in porcelain... R-39-Figure in porcelain...
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R-39-Figure in...

€575.00 Price

Beautiful figure of lady on porcelain Italian CAPODIMONTI, the mid-TWENTIETH Century.

Measures: 20 cms high by 7 cms of base.

Porcelain Capodimonti Porcelain Capodimonti
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Porcelain Capodimonti

€650.00 Price

Chest porcelain Capodimonti , dates from the first years of the TWENTIETH Century.

Perfect state of conservation.

Origin: Italy.

Measures: 30 cms long and 10 cms in height.

Vase Vase
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€489.50 Price

Vase of porcelain Italian Capodimonti, very old.

Measures : 21 cm high x 32 cm base.

Jar Jar
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€293.70 Price

Vase Italian porcelain decorative Capodimonte 70s.

Measures: 32 cm high x 12 cm base.

Image Image
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€400.50 Price

Religious image of the Virgin Mary with the child, porcelain Italian capodimonti of 50 years. Rare piece, because capodimonti does not usually make religious images.

Measures: 23 cm x 8 cm base.

Mirror Capodimonti Mirror Capodimonti
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Mirror Capodimonti

€950.00 Price

Wall mirror in porcelain CAPODIMONTI. Perfect state of conservation, the piece is from the early TWENTIETH Century.

Origin: Italy.

Measures: 30 cms long by 24 cms in diameter.