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Pair of vases Pair of vases
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Pair of vases

€750.00 Price

Pair of vases of Chinese porcelain of the mid-TWENTIETH century with the German label. Pieces of extraordinary beauty.

Measures : 48 cm high x 15 cm base and 42 cm height x 12 cm of base.

Tibó Tibó
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€289.25 Price

TIBO porcelain china Satsuma in two parts.

Measures: 12 cm base x 26 cm high.

Chung Ah Chung Ah
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Chung Ah

€1,450.00 Price

Reproduction certified by the company CHUNG AH a piece of history. Exact replica of the original that belonged to the CHING dynasty dated between 1862 and 1875 bc. It is a piece numbered limited series.

Measures: 46cm high by 19cm base.