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Figure Figure
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Figure in porcelain mark Gauls, numbered and limited series.

Measures: 25 cm high x 13 base.

Figure Figure
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Figure of porcelain of valencia from the mid-TWENTIETH century. Measures: 18 cm high x 17 cm base

Vase of Porcelain Vase of Porcelain
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Vase of Porcelain

€186.90 Price

Vase of porcelain Spanish gold finish and hand-decorated to the mid-TWENTIETH century mark Alba SA.

Measures: 34 x 12 cm high base.

Coffee set Coffee set
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Coffee set

€489.50 Price

Coffee set of 12 ceramic pieces of the house "La Cartuja de Sevilla" is decorated by hand. 70 years of age.

Tea set Tea set
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Tea set

€511.75 Price

Tea set of porcelain Spanish hand-decorated with finishes in gold. The first third of the TWENTIETH century.

Center table Center table
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Center table

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Center table with foot in bronze and hand-decorated porcelain. Dimensions: 24 cm high x 25 cm diameter.

Figure Lladro Figure Lladro
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Figure Lladro

€675.00 Price

Figure of a maiden with a basket. Reference catálogoNº 01014665. Year historical 1970. Sculpture by salvador furió.

Measures: 34 cm high x 13 cm base.

Figure of Othello and... Figure of Othello and...
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Figure of Othello and...

€2,700.00 Price

Figure of Othello and Desdemona in porcelain Lladró author Antonio Ruiz. With the reference number of the catalog Lladro 1145. Numbered and limited series, and with a few units in the world. Dating back to the year 1957.

Measures: 34cm height 47cm long.