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Pods cannon

€311.50 Price

Pods of canyon World. Craftsmanship trenches of the war, hand-decorated by soldiers. Measures: 34 cm high.

Pocket watch

€845.50 Price

Pocket watch brand Longines in Silver, from the late NINETEENTH Century. Perfect state of conservation.

Silver bracelet

€195.80 Price

Silver bracelet with Reasons parisians of the Early TWENTIETH Century. Signed and Sealed by Goldsmith French.

Jewelry Box Porcelain

€160.20 Price

Jeweler German porcelain Bavaria. Very old.

Measures: 4 cm high by 15 cm wide.

7 Pitchers

€106.80 Price

7 beer mugs ceramic of different sizes.

Figure of porcelain...

€1,335.00 Price

Game of figures of porcelain Algora. Very old and in perfect condition. Measures: 32 cm high x 16 cm base.

Figure of porcelain...

€605.20 Price

Sculpture of porcelain Algora. Very Old. Measures: 38 cm high x 13 cm base.

Game you Arabic

€244.75 Price

Tea set bronze Arab, originally from Lebanon, and decorated with the symbols of the country.


€867.75 Price

Barometer German wood, 1895. Hand-carved, dated, and numbered series. Measures: 47 cm high x 20 cm diameter.

Silver bracelet

€311.50 Price

Beautiful bracelet in silver and enamel in the early centuries. Measures: 18 cm diameter x 2.5 cm long.

Game of jugs of beer

€1,401.75 Price

Beer steins German porcelain, numbered series and limited. Of different sizes, parts of the collection.

Pitcher decorative

€578.50 Price

Porcelain decorative. Beautiful jug of the NINETEENTH century. Measures: 30 cm high x 12 cm base.

John Paul II

€667.50 Price

Figure of John Paul II by sculptor Juan de Ávalos. Signed and numbered by the author, limited series, 87/100. It is made of bronze.

Measures: 16cm high by 17 cm deep.

Vase of Bronze

€489.50 Price

Vase of bronze and porcelain Spanish. Measures: 47 cm high.


€195.80 Price

Rosary alpaca very old silver.

Lady of marble

€667.50 Price

Metal sculpture signed by the author.

Measures: 33 cm high x 13 cm base.

Porcelain tray

€400.50 Price

Porcelain German Bavaria, hand-decorated in gold and silver.

Measures: 38 cm x 22cm.

Eagle Bronze

€578.50 Price

Figure of an Eagle of bronze on a marble pedestal. Signed by F. Measurements: 25 cm x 29cm.


€66.75 Price

Commemorative medal of the Foundation of St. Petersburg in Nickel.

Measures: 5 cm in diameter.

Mahogany wood

€605.20 Price

Figure of mahogany hand carved. The Oriental Art. In a good state of conservation.

Measures: 31 cm height x 10 cm base.


€244.75 Price

Bird polychrome. Measures: 21 cm high x 20 cm base.